1. How many musicians are there?

We work with between three and six musicians (Violin x 2, Viola, ‘Cello, Trumpet and Percussion), although we most regularly operate as a Bollywood string quartet (Violin x 2, Viola and ‘Cello). Our full ensemble with Trumpet and Percussion is recommended for larger events and for those after something a bit different.

2. What are your fees?

Please contact us to find out how much it would cost to book us for your event. Each event is unique and the price takes a number of factors into consideration including the number of hours booked, the location of the event and the size of the ensemble. As an example, the price of a two hour booking for 4 players (string quartet) with P.A. in the Greater London area start at £750.

3. How far will you travel?

We are happy to travel anywhere in the world for your event. However, any prices quoted on the website are based on events in Greater London. Please contact us for a quote if your event is outside this area.

4. What happens if one of your musicians is unavailable, E.g. they are taken ill?

We have access to a large pool of professional musicians who are able to step in at short notice if someone becomes unavailable, for whatever reason.

5. We have a piece of music in mind that is not on your list. Will you be able to play it?

It is usually possible for us to play requests. It does, however, sometimes involve an additional charge.

6. What will you wear?

We can wear saris (girls) or western clothing, depending on your requirements.

7. How long do you play for?

Normally we are booked to play for three hours during which time we will provide 3 x 45 min sets. However we are happy to play for longer or shorter periods, depending on your requirements.

8. Do you only play Bollywood music?

Although we specialise in Bollywood music, we also have access to large repertoire of western classical and popular music if you would like a mixture of musical styles played at your event.

9. How can I make a booking?

Please visit our Contact page to send us an enquiry via email or call us directly on 0780 3138891.